Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. covers the entire spectrum of dairy products sold in markets. The complete range of Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. are highly nutritious, healthy and bring you a world of goodness.

Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. pasteurizes and packages all fresh dairy products in technologically superior and hygienic conditions to ensure pure natural freshness.

Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd., Handles 12 Lakhs Liters of Milk per day in all their packing Stations and main dairy plant which is the highest in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. handles milk in the following locations:-

Packing Locations Handling Capacity per day
Gudur 475000
Palamaner 225000
Vellala Cheruvu 150000
Bhimadolu 200000
Hyderabad 400000
Vizag 30000
Gingee 70000
Total 1550000

Procurement of Milk

Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. established 115 Chilling centers in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu to procure both Cow & Buffalo milk. Best quality milk is procured and chilled at chilling centers, to retain freshness of milk. The strength of the Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. is to procure more than 12 lakh liters of milk Per day directly from agents/farmers using state-of-the-art machinery and professionally trained staff.


  • Gudur plant processes 4.0 Lakhs Lts of milk per day in automatic sachet filling machines for supply and distribution to Chennai, Tirupati, Nellore, etc

  • It is the first time in south india, that a private sector dairy is using modern equipments for packing tetra pack milk in our Gungal palnt.

  • There is continuous growth in sale of milk from 50000 ltrs to 10000000 ltrs with in a span of one-decade.

  • Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd. has its own supply chain management, which is the key to timely distribution.

  • Our Palamaner unit processes and supplies 1.40 lakh liters of milk and 50000 liters of curd to Bangolore city every day.

  • Our Vellalacheruvu ,Gungal, Bhimadolu and Visakhapatnam packing stations processes and supplies more than 6.0 lakhs liters of milk to Hyderabad, Warangal, Vijayawada. Elur, Guntur, Rajahmundry,
    Karim Nagar, Adilabad and Medak districts of AP.


  • The Main Plant has modern equipments to manufacture milk products like Buttter, Ghee and Milk Powder.

  • Butter is made from pure cow & buffalow fat under hygienically processed through continues butter making machine with a capacity of 8 tones per day.

  • Ghee is made from pure cow & buffalow butter under supervision of 30 years experienced dairy technologists to retain granulation, color and aroma of ghee with a capacity of 8 tones per day.

  • Milk powder is made from fresh cow & buffalow milk and the plant is capable of producing all type of milk powders with a capacity of 15 tones per day.

  • By-Products like Sterilized Flavoured Milk, Lassi, Khova, Milk Cake, Mysore pak, Panner, etc. are produced in most of the plants.

  • Ice creams of all variants are produced and are available in the Market.

  • Tetra Fino Aseptic (TFA). We have recently launched Tetra fino packed Milk, with high quality and long shelf life. TFA is sold across south India.